About American Drudge

     American Drudge is a small family owned business in the New England region of the USA. We are a proud, American, family of 5, and we support our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all the freedoms given to us by God and those pieces of parchment. We love and support all our fellow Americans and especially to all of you who support us! Without you we wouldn't be who we are, Drudge On!

     American Drudge started out as an idea. An idea to create a snarky, entertaining, stick-figure drawn, "explain your job poorly", type shoutout to all the different professions and the men and women who perform the work (not the company name) that no one thinks about. Now our idea is becoming a reality and we're very excited to be able to share our thoughts, ideas, entertaining slogans, and silly designs with you! American Drudge not only is our family's idea, but it's also our way of life. We, the 99% are...American Drudge!

What is a Drudge?

A Drudge is someone who is obliged to perform menial, tedious tasks, and/or hard labor work. Similar to an indentured servant or a slave.

Who is American Drudge?

If you feel like the definition of Drudge applies to you and you live in America then you, my friend, are American Drudge.

What is American Drudge?

American Drudge is a family-owned, slightly right-leaning, Patriotic, online store that is mainly dedicated to acknowledging, celebrating, and describing American workers in many professions in a funny, snarky, walk-a-mile-in-their-shoes, "describe your job poorly", kind of way. We are located in Massachusetts.

How long does an order take to fulfill?

An order typically takes between 4-7 days to get to your home. This timeline can change depending on holidays.

What is our return policy?

If you received an item that is the wrong size, damaged, broken, or has any defects then we will exchange the item, but we can NOT do money back offers at this time. Please contact us at AmericanDrudge@protonmail.com within 14 days of receiving the item(s) and we will resolve any issue you have!