American Drudge, 22oz, Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Vacuum insulation is a big deal if you care about beverage temperature change and here at American Drudge we care about keeping our liquids at the correct temperature for the long-haul! Afterall, we never know when we'll get our next break (if we ever get one) or when we will get back to land after taking that long walk off a short peir we're always advised to take. Double-wall construction means that hot liquids can remain hot up to 12 hours while colder choices can last a full 48 hours! That’s two whole days for you to "get lost" and still have cold liquid inside when you finally find your way back! Amazing! Furthermore, these bottles are condensation-proof - no sweating or slipping like in old 80's slasher movies. Built to fit standard vehicle cup holders, the stainless steel sides are both scratch and fade resistant which means that after you get back from your ill-advised adventure no one will believe you ever left!

Height, in 10.60
Diameter, in 2.90


One size: 22oz (0.65 l)
Spill-proof design
Scratch and fade resistant
BPA free

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